Innovation and Technology

We are always looking for innovative products and solutions to make life easier




Sensit-Air is an innovative operator chair which promotes spine health by encouraging ‘active sitting’.  Research (and long hours doing it ourselves) tell us that sitting still for a long time can be detrimental to back health and overall well-being.

Developed to combat the far-reaching implications of prolonged poor seated position, Sensit-Air’s dynamic ergonomic design supports a comfortable, safe body position. The chair back and seat synchronise when reclining in a supportive 2:1 ratio. You can chose to lock them in position or allow them to follow your body. The movement mechanism is responsive to your weight, offering movement resistance perfectly balanced for your unique metrics. This sophisticated feature encourages frequent posture change which is key to combatting stiffness and pain associated with sitting.

The innovative AirCare System of this chair uses 2 inflated cushions, connected with patented AirBridge technology to deliver variable support.  The system can be easily adjusted to perfectly suit individual body shape and preferences. The thoracic air cells support the middle spine, and stimulate muscles as you move in the working environment.


3d Scanning tool

We’re researching avenues into a non-industry standard, three dimensional capturing technique named Photogrammetry. This is a 3D Scanning technique that triangulates a group of aligned photos to produce a 3D representation of an object with photorealistic appearance and texture. This would provide the opportunity for you to interact with 3D representations of our products while sat at your computer.

Taking this development an exciting step further, we’ve invested in Virtual Reality technology and are experimenting with combining the two tools, meaning the possibility to view our chairs in a 3D Virtual environment has now become a reality. Watch this space for a roll out to our customers to enable you to walk around your project in concept stage.


The agile office

When getting up and changing position is so critical to well being, breakout areas provide a great opportunity not to just email a colleague, but to move to a collaboration zone and to communicate as nature intended; on a sumptuous sofa.

We have lots of solutions for workspaces which look after your team’s wellbeing and can enhance productivity. Talk to us about your ideas and together, we’ll create something brilliant.