Why Summit?

We’ve worked hard to become the seating specialists we are today

customer service

We give outstanding customer service and support

Our clients are long-term partners, we approach these relationships as we do our furniture; build it to last. We believe in strong communication, and shared purpose. Most of the clients we started with 40 years ago are still working with us, we’ve grown our businesses together. We think this is because we look after our clients: we work hard to understand their priorities, and look at how we can support their business.

research and development

We have a continuous research & development process

Our R&D process looks to deliver beautiful, ergonomic solutions; furniture which enhances an environment, and makes the user’s life a bit better. Furniture that’s restorative, that facilitates communication, that looks great. It’s a lot of boxes to tick, but we’re pretty good at it.

40 years experience

We’re celebrating being in business for 40 years

We’re an independent design and manufacture business, working out of our factory headquarters in green and pleasant Wiltshire. We’ve been making furniture for 40 years and we’re proud of the passion, and enthusiasm that still goes into each piece.