Fire safe seating for the home office

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Fully legally compliant seating solutions ready for the home office

Do you know if the seating you buy meets legal standards of fire retardancy? You might be surprised at how many fabrics that are fully compliant for contract use actually fail to meet legal standards of fire retardancy, if used at home. Even some synthetic fabrics with Crib 5 certification are not domestic compliant. The same legislation also requires that chairs must be supplied with the correct standard of fire retardancy labelling that ensures long-term traceability.

Summit can take this worry away, and keep Trading Standards at bay, by offering great home office seating solutions that are fully legally compliant.



Great range of options and styles with FREE fire retardancy coating

We have an offering specifically aimed at providing great home office seating that is legally compliant with all regulations.

We have picked a fabric range, Camira Era, that features great colours and 2-tone weave that make it a perfect choice for home décor. We keep in stock 11 colours that have been additionally back-coated, fire tested and certified to comply with BS5852 for domestic furniture.

The best part of this offering is that for any chairs that are for domestic use, in any of the 11 best Era colours, we will make no extra charge for the fire retardancy back coating. Of course, all of our products use combustion modified foam as well.




Reassurance for you and your customers

As an additional reassurance for customers, we keep records of every chair we produce with fire retardant fabric. This means that at any time in the future, Summit can confirm a chair meets the required safety standards.




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