Healthcare – Antibacterial seating solutions

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For GP’s, Hospitals, Dentists & Care Homes.

We can deliver fully antibacterial solutions

For many years Summit has been delivering complete seating solutions for healthcare facilities. As well as having a broad range of designs for every requirement, we offer features and options that will ensure maximum resistance to bacteria.

Our range includes:

  • Task chairs for administration
  • Wide choice of beam seating designs, all with unbreakable, welded steel structures
  • Numerous side chair ranges offering different styles with steel or wood frames
  • Soft low pouffes that add a bit of fun and are loved by kids

On all these options we offer a wide range of healthcare specification fabrics and frame coatings that use the latest technologies available to deliver antibacterial protection.



Wide choice of fabric options



Chieftain Fabrics ranges are inherently antimicrobial. Sanitised™, our specially developed antimicrobial ingredient  provides effective and immediate long-term protection against bacteria and microorganisms. Our best selling faux leather,  Just Colour, will also prevent the spread of Coronavirus. (Ref: ISO 18184:2019). At Chieftain Fabrics, we pride ourselves on the most advanced technological processes and have been a trusted supplier to the NHS for over 30 years.




Offer a vast range of performance fabrics and vinyls that are all anti-microbial, bleach cleanable, waterproof, and flame retardant making upholstery as safe and easy to clean as possible when it comes to infection control.

AguaGuard365 powered by HeiQ ViroBlock is one of the first of its kind; a truly effective, scientifically proven treatment for soft fabrics that is effective against both bacteria and viruses – uniquely it has been specifically tested against COVID-19. Agua Upholstery fabrics treated with AguaGuard365 actively inhibit viruses (including Covid-19) and kill bacteria upon contact on the surface. By keeping the textile free of viable viruses and bacteria, AguaGuard365 treated performance upholstery fabrics help to significantly minimise the potential for re-transmission of pathogens. AguaGuard365 has passed all the required tests for use
within the EU.



Offer a full range of fabrics that contain Shield Plus – a permanent coating on the fabric that uses nano-technology to create non-leaching anti-microbial protection that attracts and deactivates biochemicals in microbes and viruses.




Offer a vast range of performance fabrics and vinyls that are all anti-microbial, bleach cleanable, waterproof, and flame retardant making upholstery as safe and easy to clean as possible when it comes to infection control.



Frame options for metal and wood

Epoxy Frame Coating for metal surfaces

We can offer an anti-bacterial epoxy coating on all metal frames, giving them 100% antibacterial properties. For white frames, this is available at the same price as our non-standard frame colour options. And for a small additional cost, we can cover all our other epoxy frame colours with a clear coating, giving you total freedom of colour choice and protection at the same time.


Protective lacquers for wooden surfaces

Wooden surfaces are protected by the spraying of Medicote, a quick drying lacquer that protects against the growth of micro-organisms on its surface, with a kill rate of 99% within 24 hours. The lacquer coating also provides outstanding resistance to abrasion, wet and dry heat, spirit solutions and a wide range of household chemicals.

An antibacterial wood lacquer that is already providing unmatched levels of protection in a wide range of healthcare environments. It kills superbugs and is proven to be effective against 99.9% of almost all species of bacteria and viruses. And it goes on killing them for up to 10 years.



Antibacterial in action:
How we helped this Medical Centre


The seating in this bright and cheery waiting room all has antibacterial and easy clean PVC. The steel frames on the low level modular seating have an antibacterial epoxy lacquer as do the legs on the linking, soft pouffes.



Popular Ranges perfect for healthcare


Make the most of your furniture budget with Radstock, a long-standing favourite for visitors chairs in the healthcare sector, thanks to its great value and 15-year frame guarantee. View the full range.




Perfect for healthcare and other heavy use settings. With its welded steel frame, it’s built to withstand anything you care to throw at it (hence we include a 15-year frame warranty).Also available as Bariatric Seating Standard. View the full range.



Highly polished wood makes Westwood stand out. All wooden surfaces are coated with an antibacterial lacquer that kills 99.9 of bacterial, making it perfect for healthcare environments. Even better, the lacquer coating is standard at no extra cost. View the full range.



Saltford 19 and Saltford 25

A popular choice thanks to its compact footprint, clean lines and robust versatility, plus a great choice of colours (fabrics and frames). Comes in two frame tube sizes, but both have a sturdy, no-nonsense construct on which we offer a 15 year guarantee. View the full range.




Can we help you with antibacterial seating?

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