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Task Force: Understanding chair mechanisms.

We have recently launched our brand new Ovair range of task chairs, the perfect all round task chair for a multitude of

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The new Ovair range – Task mastered

Pleasing to the eye yet reassuringly supportive for a wide range of users, Ovair is the perfect, all rounder. The precisely

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First impressions count: How to choose seating that really stands out

Anything from poor lighting to dusty carpets can have a lasting impact on people visiting a space for the first time. So

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Preview: Villain

We’re delighted to be able to preview our dramatic new range of cocktail chairs, Villain. The Villain has the classic

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Oooh! New website.

You’ve probably noticed our website has had a makeover. Difficult not to be dazzled, isn’t it?  While there was useful

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Summit Turns 40

We’re not ashamed to admit it; we’re 40 this year. Like many of us who’ve turned 40, the milestone seems to have

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