Our NEW Retail Price List and Product Guide 2020

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Stand by for the upcoming launch of our new Issue 8 Retail Price List And Product Guide. This will supersede our Issue 7 list that has now been in circulation for an unbelievable three years.

Issue 8 brings with it lots of exciting changes including innovative new ranges and updates to existing lines. So you’ll find plenty of inspiring new options across our whole portfolio, allowing you to tailor our offering even more precisely to the needs of your customers.




Price and fabric category changes

Of course, a new price list brings unavoidable price increases but you can be assured we’ve applied these only where absolutely necessary due to cost rises. As is Summit policy, we’ve conducted an in-depth review of costings for every product range to ensure you’re still getting great value for money.

Eagle-eyed customers will notice some changes to the fabric categories available in Issue 8 too. In a move prompted by customer feedback we’ve taken all of our current Category 2 fabrics and placed them into Category 1, effectively reducing the relative price of products for which these are chosen.

In addition, we have moved all the fabrics in categories 3 to 8 down to the category below; for example, Camira Extreme Plus now appears in Category 2 instead of Category 3. Not only will this make it easier for you to make price comparisons, it will also make the competitive value of our offering far more visible too.


Want a copy?

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