Summit Turns 40

Tags: Company News

We’re not ashamed to admit it; we’re 40 this year. Like many of us who’ve turned 40, the milestone seems to have brought a new confidence, a sense that we’ve done alright really, and of excitement for the next chapter.

To celebrate, we’ve developed some new ranges which we might not have had the confidence to design a few years ago; we’ve indulged our creativity in their inception so we’re looking forward to getting your feedback.

The new look continues as we’ve had a bit of a birthday makeover and developed a new mark which has a chair component at its heart. We are unabashedly passionate about what we do, and now it’s represented in our logo. It’s also a useful device to explain the detail of a statement; you’ll see it used to give more information about each little thought that goes into what we do.

It’s an exciting time for us so thank you to all our clients who’ve made it a great 40 years to date. Happy Birthday us!