Task Force: Understanding chair mechanisms.

Tags: Health

We have recently launched our brand new Ovair range of task chairs, the perfect all round task chair for a multitude of uses. We also have a broad and varied selection of other task seating ranges, from luxury boardroom to budget friendly ergonomic options. However, it’s important to understand the different types of mechanisms and how they benefit the user. Here we break down the types of mechanism we offer and the work conditions they suit most.




Operator and Operator Plus


Operator: Lever-operated, back angle adjustment that can be locked in any position or left unlocked to follow the user’s movement in dynamic free float mode. Whilst this is a basic level of functionality, the chair will be suitable for day long, desk based VDU working.

The Operator Plus has additional lever-activated seat tilt adjustment. Most Operator Plus mechanisms include the facility to adjust the tension of the back angle movement to allow for variation in user weight. The seat tilt functionality enables the user to adjust the seat and back angle independently of each other. A forward angled seat will help promote a desirable “S” shaped spinal posture.




Operator Synchro and Synchro Plus


On a chair that utilises an Operator Synchro, mechanism both the seat and back angle can be adjusted. Where it differs from an Operator Plus mechanism is that the angle adjustments are synchronised, usually in a ratio of about 2:1.

The synchronisation of the seat and back angle gives the chair a very smooth reclining motion. The resistance to this motion can be altered by adjusting the tension control. Many people like to leave their chair’s mechanism permanently unlocked ( Free Float ) so that the recline will change as they move. Frequent, gentle movement is recognised as a positive contributor to workplace wellbeing.

Our Synchro Plus mechanism, has, in addition, the facility to alter the back angle independently of the seat. In effect this combines all the benefits of an Operator Plus and a Synchro mechanism for the greatest breadth of adjustability.




Body Balance Synchro


The Body Balance Synchro is a further development of the Operator Synchro mechanism. The breakthrough design allows it to automatically adjust the resistance to the reclining motion without the need for tension adjustment. Not only is the mechanism easy to use, it’s technologically advanced geometry precludes the use of a spring. The result is a perfectly balanced, free floating recline, supporting any weight, in any position without the constant force that can be felt with a traditional, sprung mechanism.