Westwood Seating Launched With Anti-Bacterial Lacquer for Healthcare


Westwood Seating Launched With Anti-Bacterial Lacquer for Healthcare

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​If you or your customers have requirements for ‘Health Care Seating’, Summit can now supply, as standard specification, a number of our Westwood range chairs, with the wooden frames finished in Antibacterial Lacquer.

This lacquer has been tested and found to kill 99.9% of most bacteria over a 24 hour period – Salmonella, Listeria, E.Coli & even MRSA. The lacquer’s self-cleaning properties are also far safer to the environment.

The active ingredient has FDA and HSE approval for indirect or incidental food contact and meets the BS6250 standard for severe use.

In combination with the growing number of fabrics available with similar properties the Westwood chairs are a very compelling solution for healthcare seating requirements.

Camira have recently introduced a family of healthcare fabrics and vinyls under the Halcyon Collection banner which offers a very wide variety of colours, patterns and finishes. The models that we currently supply with standard anti-bacterial lacquer are the W10, W11, W50, W55, W60 and W65.

To view the Retail Price List of all the chairs in the Westwood range follow this link.

For the Westwood range follow the link here.

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